I Would Try Yoga on a Boat, with a Goat

October 2022

To continue on my thoughts from my prior post...I also advocate social justice and believe that the more people who have access to yoga, the better. If the only way someone is going to try yoga is to go to a brewery or to a goat yoga class, fine by me! If I am teaching one of those classes, I hope to impart some small wisdom that the students can take off the mat, even if they never attend another yoga class. And if someone who attends one of my classes in a non-traditional venue (such as a brewery) sets off on the path towards a more serious, in-depth study of yoga and its roots, that's even better. 

In this article from the Buddha Barn Yoga & Wellness blog, author Kelly makes an excellent argue for moving away from judgement about what is "real" yoga, ending with "YOGA IS RADICAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE."


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